How much will my services cost you?

Below you will find a general overview for the rates of the most basic services. The client may choose the amount of services it requires and also calculate the amount willing to spend an a particular project. VAT is no included.


Product (and other stationary objects) and architectural (interior and exterior) photography. No events or people. The rates do not include transport or other logistical costs which should be covered by the client.

Architectural photography
(simple editing)
1000 lekë/image
Architectural photography
(advanced editing)
starting at 1500 lekë/image
Product photography700 lekë/image

Layout and design

Design materials such as printed or online publications, brochures, leaflets, posters, etc. These prices do not cover overseeing the printing.

Page layout (brochure, etc.)300 lekë/page
Page layout (poster)1500 lekë/page
Images100 lekë/image
Tables200 lekë/table
Diagrams500 lekë/diagram
Simple graphics (logos, etc.)500 lekë/graphic
Cover design (front & back)starting at 500 lekë

Promotional animations

Animations (up to 45 seconds) that promote a product or service through moving images, graphics, text, special effect, speech and music (not commercials).

Concept development 1500 lekë
Composition and storyboard starting at 1500 lekë/comp-storyboard
Images (including backgrounds) 300 lekë/image
Graphics (illustration+animation) starting at 700 lekë/graphic
3d animation starting at 5000 lekë
Text 200 lekë/text
Special effects starting at 300 lekë/effect
Other animated elements starting at 500 lekë/element
Background music editing 700 lekë
Voice over editing 700 lekë
Sound effects 300 lekë/effect, 50 lekë/copy
Voice over starting at 3000 lekë (external service)

3d visualisation

Architectural visualisation starting at any stage of production.

Object modeling starting at 2000 lekë/building
Environment objects
500 lekë/object
Texturing 500 lekë/texture
Global lighting 1500 lekë
Individual lights 300 lekë/light
Rendering 1500 lekë/camera
Post production starting at 500 lekë*
*and 100 lekë/image for every added element/picture/texture

Website design and building

The website design and building consists of a series of grouped operations: the design, building and setup of a simple website, the setup of CMS's and e-commerce platforms, adding advanced functionality to CMS's and e-commerce platforms, the setup of product catalogs, and the setup of blogs.

Basic operations
Website architecture starting at 500 lekë
Mockup design of homepage
and sample page
100 lekë/element
Custom design starting at 1500 lekë + 100 lekë/element
Page layout 300 lekë/page
Images 100 lekë/image
Graphics 500 lekë/graphic
Video 500 lekë/video
Slider 500 lekë + 100 lekë/image
Links 50 lekë/link
Copy writing starting at 1000 lekë/page
Hosting setup 500 lekë
Domain registration 500 lekë
File transfer 500 lekë

CMS's and E-commerce platforms
CMS (blog) installation and setup1500 lekë
E-commerce installation and setup10.000 lekë

Extra modules and advanced website functionality
Contact forms500 lekë
Google maps500 lekë
Image gallery setup500 lekë
Adding images to gallery100 lekë/image
Password protected pages500 lekë
Search500 lekë
Slideshow setup500 lekë
Slideshow creationsee layout and design rates
Web statistics setup500 lekë
Member/user management setup500 lekë
e-mail subscription500 lekë
e-mail campaigns setup500 lekë

E-commerce product catalog
Categories50 lekë/category
Product attributes50 lekë/attribute
Products characteristics50 lekë/characteristic
Producers100 lekë/producer
Suppliers100 lekë/supplier
Add tags to products300 lekë/tag
Additional product features50 lekë/feature
Products setup1200 lekë/product
Adding images to products100 lekë/image